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built-in bookcases in a home office
Built-in bookcases are permanently installed and can add a lot of character to a room.  This home office features a desk and cabinets connected to a wall of light oak built-in bookcases for storing and displaying books, photos, and other practical and decorative items.

Built-in bookshelves allow a homeowner to store books and add character to a room without affecting the room's integrity and architecture. With a little imagination, the right tools, and some knowledge, there's no end to places one can add bookshelves without compromising the size of your space.

Built-in bookcases can be located in just about any room—the living room, the bathroom, the bedroom, and the kitchen. But they can also be located in less obvious places like under staircases, above doorways, in hallways, and in entryways. One of the best things about built-in bookshelves is that they can turn awkward spaces into very useful spaces. Built-in bookshelves can be open, glassed-in, or hidden behind doors.

While built-in bookshelves may look elaborate, in fact the concept is quite simple. Most built-ins comprise basic boxes, shelves, and drawers, molded together to make one unit. Most walls framed with 2 x 4s or with 2 x 6s have enough room to hold paperback books. For deeper shelves, built-ins can be recessed partway, with the fronts extending into the room. Recessed walls work best in non-load bearing interior walls, so that insulation of the home is not compromised.

Built-in bookcases are simply boxes with a top, bottom, sides, and shelves. Once the basic bookshelves are framed and installed in the wall, they can be dressed up with face frames, crown molding, or pedestal bases to give them a custom furniture feel.

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Built-in Bookcases Picture

modern interior with built-in bookcase
Custom-designed Built-in Bookcase